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President's Message

Dear Student's

It is indeed my privilege to welcome you to pursue your education with us.I deem it an honour to be at the helm of an institution that helps so many youth like yourself to achieve their heart's desire in entering the vocation of their choice. I wish to assure you that our predominant aim is to ensure that you build the foundation of your successful career in this institution.The colleges and the trust that run these institutions have taken all effort to provide the very best in learning facilities and academic standards. We have strived to provide a conducive environment to give you the perfect mind-set to be able to pursue your studies in comfort. Further, for any constructive activity that you wish to take up in connection with your training process, you will find the management fully co-operative and encouraging.I do hope you are admitted to the branch of study that you wish to opt for and go on to achieving your ambitions in life.Wishing you every success .


Upcoming Projects

  1. Awadh Medical College & Hospital
  2. Awadh College of Pharmacy
  3. Awadh College of Nursing
  4. Awadh International School
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